Recorded in January 2013, for the film ‘Benny & Jolene’ (starring Craig Roberts and Charlotte Ritchie)

This was written and recorded prior to the recording of ‘NO BLUES’, at Tom’s house.

Produced by Tom Campesinos!.
Artwork by Rob Campesinos!.


‘Benny & Jolene’ is out on Friday 6th June, in select cinemas and via iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Virgin Media and blinkbox

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Little mouth, little doubts
and now your spittle’s sowing the seeds
We should be led in flower bed,
not in your headspace pulling up weeds.
Dirty hands, the offer stands
leant on two crutches bowed at the knees
but if you build a home from human bones
you’re gonna end up in the debris

I feel such a long way from you
everything we seem to undo
Every single hour feels like two
And I feel such a long way from you

Little mouth, little droughts
your throat as dry as a midsummer’s stream.
Under duress, I’d cross my chest,
to stop my sins bursting out at the seams.
Cross your heart, that after dark
it isn’t only your eyes that’ll gleam
cos if you shroud your fire, behind barbed wire
you’re gonna end up as chickenfeed

As Bleach White As The Bedsheets (series)

The title is taken from the Los Campersinos! song ”Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; or, Letters from Me to Charlotte”

Her body barely visible, as bleach white as the bedsheets. 

As stiff as starched, only perceptible as her middle was still branded 

With a heat rash, in the perfect shape of the Show Me State.”

The subject matter is passive behaviour. I refer once again to the Wittgenstein quote:

“What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.”

When faced with a situation beyond our control we can often react passively, we do not always speak out, and so remain out of control.

By suggesting the girl ia merely a part of the bed, barely standing out from the sheets and pillow which surround her, she is blended with an inanimate object; she is something immobilized and silent.

I wanted to create the effect of a black and white photograph, but without simply muting the colour on photoshop. I achieved this by painting my face with white face paint, which stands out in great contrast from my dyed black hair. None of the photos in the series have their colour saturation removed, and all are taken by myself using a self timer.